52 Weeks of Interaction Design: Introductory Article

Saleh Riaz
2 min readJan 16, 2021

2020 was a banger when it comes to design. I, for once made several achievements including getting my portfolio right (I guess we all know how much of a big deal that is for designers).

This year, I wanted to do something different. So I started a weekly series. I like to call it, ‘52 Weeks of Interaction Design’.

The idea is pretty simple.

Research. Prototype. Test. But most importantly, design unconventional solutions.

I won’t lie when I tell you guys that I am bored of designing apps using the predominant design systems and guidelines that literally everyone is using. I want to try out new things. Yes, I understand that it's really difficult to implement unconventional designs, especially for mobile apps, keeping the performance in mind but I am all in for designing solutions that break the layout.

Each week, I will be working on a use case and design interaction for it. I will try to humanize the interaction so the users can relate to it more automatically making the interaction intuitive. I will be collaborating with developers from all around the world to make interaction libraries for my design without keeping the performance in mind since I am only designing to explore options and not actual products. Although I do hope one we get rid of the limitations and actually use the interactions in real applications.

52 Weeks of Interaction Design

This article serves as a table of content containing all the links to the different weeks I have worked on.

Week 1 — A palpable card fling

Week 2 — A veristic swipe

Week 3— The first impression

Week 4— The statistical peek

Week 5 — The live preview

Week 6 — Duolongo Flash

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